Master of Public Administration

Villanova University's Master of Public Administration program bridges the gap between theory and practice by equipping public service professionals with practical, real-world skills needed to lead and manage at all levels of nonprofit, public and private sectors.

Graduates of the Villanova MPA are equipped with:

The structures and dynamics of public service organizations

Human capital management strategies and best practices in nonprofit and public sector organizations

Leadership ethics and values-based decision-making techniques

Statistical tools for analyzing data and conducting research

Budgeting, accounting and the financial management of public and nonprofit organizations

Effective management practices for government and nonprofit leaders and the role of strategic planning and management


Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Students enrolled in the MPA degree program have the option to simultaneously pursue a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management as a specialization within their degree, or as a standalone credential.


With a certificate in Nonprofit Management, you'll learn:

  • Financial management of government and nonprofit organizations

  • Fundraising, development plans, mission and readiness factors and benchmarking

  • Effective nonprofit leadership ethics and management strategies



All the benefits of being in an on-campus classroom.

Learn the core competencies needed to effectively lead, manage and serve in the field of public administration.